Domain Name System

What is Domain Name System (In short DNS) and How it Works?: The Ultimate Guide

Every website corresponds to its own unique IP address that identifies it among other over a billions of website presence online. Ideally, you could navigate the web merely with the…

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WordPress Security Threats

5 Most Common Security Threats WordPress Users Face

Web developers experience a ridiculous range of emotions throughout the web development process: excitement when a new idea triggers; contentment, bliss and joy when a work-in-progress is accomplished; and fear…

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Shared Web Hosting

What is Shared Web Hosting and Its Advantages Made Easy: Beginner’s Guide

Hooray! You finished developing your website or blog! Take a moment to revel in the satisfaction, but as you slide down from cloud nine, you’ll notice a slate full of…

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How to Identify How Much Bandwidth Your Website Actually Demands

One of the major thing to consider if you are going to host your website is determining how much bandwidth your hosted website actually requires. Every web hosting company presents…

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Operating system

Things You Need to Know on Operating Systems for Web Hosting: Expert’s Guide

Which one is the best operating system? Which operating system should I need to choose? There is a beautiful saying that – “What good can the scriptures do to a…

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Easy Approach to Understand PHP and its Applications: Beginner’s Guide

If you’re like most programmers I hear from, you’re probably wondering how to ensure significant performance and security improvements from the programming language that you choose from to develop websites. Programming…

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What the Heck is a CDN? Is it essential for WordPress Website?

Everyone loves faster loading or speeding up of the content delivery. Also, it is required to take the load off of your web server to the visitors making their experience…

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A Quick and Easy Approach to Understand All About Bulk SMS Messaging

For years, I didn’t know how I was ever going to promote my products, services and how I could notify the customers about the information that I wished to provide…

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Here’s a Quick Way to Understand about Dedicated Server: Beginner’s Guide

What is Dedicated Hosting(aka Dedicated Server) ? Dedicated hosting is a type of internet hosting configuration in which a server is devoted to for a single purpose, such as a…

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