E-Sewa Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS

eSewa Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS

The eSewa Payment Gateway module for WHMCS allows you to connect and integrate eSewa payment solutions with the WHMCS platform.

The eSewa Payment Module for WHMCS allows your clients to directly pay their domain registrations, hosting account, SSL certificates, Gsuite Services, and any other billable items via the website to the merchant account. This is especially useful to hosting companies in Nepal who have their clients who will help pay for web services such as domain registration, web hosting, servers, etc. Clients can also pay their renewal charges from the website using our eSewa Payment Gateway Module and merchants can accept anonymous payments(advance payment for future services) towards their hosting fees which will be later credited to the customer panel for future purchases!

Cool Benefits of eSewa Payment Gateway module for WHMCS

With our eSewa Payment Gateway module for WHMCS , the merchant might be able to take payments directly from the users/customers via eSewa and activate services instantly. Few cool things one can avail with our eSewa Module are:

  • The merchant can simply add a merchant ID or secret key in the module of the working WHMCS installation shared by the eSewa team.
  • Once, it’s successfully configured, the merchant can now publicly accept payments through the website via eSewa.
  • Additional payments made for the product are added as credit to the client’s WHMCS account after it’s marked paid.
  • On the flip side, if less amount is made the payment than the actual product price amount, the payment will be confirmed from eSewa end, however, the invoice is marked unpaid until the complete payment is confirmed from the client via eSewa.
  • The client is notified through email upon receiving an eSewa Payment by the merchant with the necessary credentials.
  • The client can view all received eSewa payments including the date, paid amount, description, unique transaction ID, and the payers’ name in the invoice section.
  • Merchant can view the client’s payment details on the client’s billing section in WHMCS.

eSewa module for WHMCS, Version 7.5.1

About this module:

This module allows the merchant to accept payment through eSewa via the website. More payment options and wider coverage make the payment process more simple for your customers and maintaining the service standard to the next level and, at the same time, it means more sales and higher revenue for you.

Additional information can be found at:


  • Working WHMCS installation (tested up to version 4 to 7.8)


  • Unzip the “Esewa-Module-for-whmcs_zip” file directly in the modules/gateways folder of your WHMCS installation.
  • Activate the Esewa module in your WHMCS admin panel (Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways -> All Payment Gateways).
  • Look for the “Esewa” button and click on.
  • Log into your Esewa Dashboard and go to the “Merchant” section, copy the Merchant ID and Secret Key from your account and paste them into the corresponding fields at the module’s setup page on your WHMCS.
eSewa Payment Gateway module for WHMCS
  • Click on “Save Changes” in your WHMCS.


To test the newly installed eSewa Payment Gateway module for WHMCS module you can enable your service’s test mode at eSewa’s official website. Be sure to change the secret key with the final live merchant key provided by the eSewa team back before going live.

Important Notes:

  • While in test mode, a transaction verification request (after instant payment notification to your platform) will be issued immediately after each test.
  • After the payment is successfully confirmed by the eSewa, the “Payment Status” will be shown as completed in the success URL and the corresponding service will be activated instantly but the “Status” will show as pending until you accept the order at your WHMCS panel, which is a default WHMCS safety measure to prevent any kind of frauds.
  • Payments are notified immediately and the customers get to know the status in the invoice section; however, in case if the payment for product price is confirmed below the true price, the status will be “Unpaid”. Also, the transaction will be completed from the eSewa end. And Once, the customer confirms all the product amount payment, then it will be displayed as “Paid” immediately.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the merchant to inform their customers about this beforehand in order to avoid confusions associated with it.

For more details, dial 9869421801 or email us at support@agmwebhosting.com

E-Sewa Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS

With our eSewa Payment Gateway module for WHMCS , the merchant might be able to take payments directly from the users/customers via eSewa and activate services instantly.

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