How To Configure SMTP Using the ‘WP Mail SMTP’ Plugin

Having problems with your WordPress website, not delivering emails and don’t know how to configure WP mail SMTP Plugin? You’re not alone. Many websites today employ WP Mail SMTP to…

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WordPress Security Threats

5 Most Common Security Threats WordPress Users Face

Web developers experience a ridiculous range of emotions throughout the web development process: excitement when a new idea triggers; contentment, bliss and joy when a work-in-progress is accomplished; and fear…

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Easy Approach to Understand PHP and its Applications: Beginner’s Guide

If you’re like most programmers I hear from, you’re probably wondering how to ensure significant performance and security improvements from the programming language that you choose from to develop websites. Programming…

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A Good Design is a Good Business

Having a good set-up, striking deals, gifted skills and perfect set of employees… Still feeling powerless? Unable to woo customers?? Deck out! Time to give an essential touch-up to your…

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