What Makes AGM Different and Best Web Hosting Company in Nepal?

Why AGM Web Hosting is Unique

Have you ever wondered how to choose the best web hosting company in Nepal? You spend months, maybe even years designing, developing and then remodifying your sites until it’s a masterpiece. Now what? How do you ensure your hard work is in safe hands?

Today, as there are hundreds of web hosting companies in Nepal that offer seemingly great web hosting packages with higher uptime and number of added features. But how you are going to avoid the common issues related to web hosting faced by most users such as frequent server downs, website offline, email not functioning, no phone support, etc.


That’s where AGM Web Hosting comes in with over 6 years of experience and handling several hundred thousand customers all over Nepal offering excellent customer service, awesome phone support, minimum time to resolution, Lesser time to response ensuring your site remains functional all the time. With no wonder, they’ll represent your business the way it should be thus helping you to solely focus only on scaling your business.

What is AGM Web Hosting?

AGM(Astute Gregarious and Matchless) Web Hosting is an industry-standard cheap domain registration and web hosting company in Nepal. They are one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies in Nepal offering affordable hosting services and excellent customer service in the town.

What makes AGM Web Hosting Different?

Before we talk about the facts why AGM Web Hosting is unique, let me ask you this: Have you ever opted best web hosting in Nepal that you could possibly think of to be the best web host around in the market, went for it for several years, and then realized you just felt excellent only when the site is running properly. And what about when your sites go offline? That’s why your web host should be good at offering great service. Good customer service is a great test that measures the hosting company’s excellence, worth, their reliability too. and then realized you have no idea, that you’re not offered the service support and features as promised? What if you could save huge money not by purchasing a cheap hosting plan rather by picking a great hosting company that ensures the enduring significance of your business brand?

No matter what, the purpose of opting for the right web hosting company is to keep your site running all the time and reveal their importance giving the reasons for clients to stick around with them. Never put your online business into a trial merely choosing any hosting plan to show how “awesome” your website is. This may seem cool in your mind, but for visitors, this may impact if you fail to give the information keeping the site functional all the time.

Reasons to Choose Best Web Hosting Company in Nepal – AGM Web Hosting

Always try to pick the right web host; it’s worth than the price and indeed, AGM Web Hosting is second to none. Choose AGM Web Hosting to avoid –

Frequent Server Down Issue:

Server Down Issue

Most online businesses function on the server every day, allowing them to perform important tasks, such as hosting their business site, sending and receiving emails, accessing shared business data and files and many more. Thus, server uptime is crucial for your business and indeed server problems are costly too as it might hinder your business reputation, productivity, and overall revenue too. Thus, your choice of web hosting company in Nepal should have an uptime of 99% or better. If you put the fate of your business website in an undependable, unreliable web host, you risk your site to go offline every now and then. No wonder, AGM Web Hosting can help you get out of this offering remarkable service beating that record. Also, their constant server monitoring also helps you prevent most of the problems before they happen.

Website Offline Issue

If you are the owner of a website, it is important that it is always available. What if your site goes offline and you’ve no idea how it happened. Worry not, here I’ll share the possible reasons and how AGM Web Hosting can help you in avoiding such issues. Without further ado, let’s look into it. Some of the possible reasons for your site to go offline are server overload, coding errors, hacking and poor hosting. If you’re really willing to avoid your website from going offline, then you need to keep your software up-to-date, monitor the website constantly and above all have to pick the right web host that provides fast and high-performance servers. With AGM Web Hosting, you can always be in peace with their prompt support at times you need them.

Email Not Working Issue

Normally every business owners are prone to email issues. However, you can resolve and avoid such issues by checking if the few settings are correct. They’re nameservers, billing update, login credentials, email account quota, disk usage limitations, email configuration etc.

For your email software to be able to send & receive emails successfully, the configuration settings need to be set properly. If you have an email service with AGM Web Hosting please get in contact with their support team and get your issue resolved instantly.

Looking for a way to set up your cPanel e-main in outlook? Click here.

No Phone Support

Best Web Hosting Company in Nepal

Still struggling to choose the web hosting company in Nepal with which you can grow with? Fret not, AGM understands the value of phone support, which is why they’ve multiple support channels to enhance the customer support experience.

Despite the power and widespread use of email, live chat, and ticket support, phone support continues to remain the most preferred channel among all for most customers in Nepal.

While it may seem straightforward, phone support can either be a seamless or rather painful experience. It’s largely dependant on the hosting provider you are dealing with. Every hosting company can behave just excellent when everything is going right, but what if the things go against it, most providers are afraid to even pick up the call to deliver the promised services. However, AGM Web Hosting can best help you avoid such awful experiences on the phone support enhancing your experience.

A decent web host should be able to provide the help you need exactly when you need it. You’ll never know when a need might arise so your web host should be able to provide you immediate support just as a problem pops out.

Concealed Web Hosting Limitations

Most of the web hosting companies do not disclose the limitations of their web hosting services in advance. Especially, most web host offers unlimited hosting for small packages for the purpose of publicity-seeking gimmicks only. But many times, most hosting providers do not reveal their packages limitations while they claim to provide unlimited everything. So, it is a wise idea to always ignore hosting that claims unlimited which look unpromising rather better go with hosting providers that are real and can show you what they exactly offer.

In the end, it boils down to which provider you prefer to use. Some may have hidden web hosting limitations on the webspace and bandwidth amount, while others may have limitations on things such as Memory/RAM and Number of Processes usage. A little research can go a long way, otherwise, you can simply contact your preferred hosting provider before choosing them to get an idea on how do they do things in real!

Maximum Time to Resolution

Best Web Hosting Company in Nepal

No matter how many times they boast themselves that their services are downtime free, no hosting companies can escape from the issue. Also, you know a few minutes of site going offline can have a negative impact on your business and if your hosting provider does not have a sense of urgency to resolve problems within minimum time, you might end up losing money in the long run. Nobody really wants to talk to customer service. They only do so because they’re compelled to. It’s the last resort when something goes wrong and the site remains offline. Today’s website owners have many different options to select a web hosting company to ensure they’re provided with the level of service they need or else they can find a new hosting company. AGM understands when a customer reaches out to customer service, they want immediate resolution— the sooner, the better and they ensure their valuable clients don’t have to wait any long time to resolve the problems faced by them. Thus, AGM’s ready to help representatives are always there to resolve the issue ASAP.

Final Thoughts

Imagine that AGM Web Hosting is the sweetest apple and does that mean people love to taste it. Probably ‘No’, Right? I know you’re in similar confusion.


Because Even if you’re the sweetest apple in this world, there will still be people who don’t like you and that’s only because they like peaches!

After all, you should be taking advantage of features that you’re promised to offer and the best work for your business.

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