What is Domain Name? And Its Types Simplified!

If you are a business person and have spent much time around Web Hosting Company, you’ve probably noticed that most of them provide domain name registration services too. The mission…

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Domain Name System

What is Domain Name System (In short DNS) and How it Works?: The Ultimate Guide

Every website corresponds to its own unique IP address that identifies it among other over a billions of website presence online. Ideally, you could navigate the web merely with the…

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Domain Privacy Protection: Things to Remember

Let’s be honest: most of the time, we have no clue how our contact details attached to our web hosting domain are publicly available. This is because of WHOIS domain…

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A Good Design is a Good Business

Having a good set-up, striking deals, gifted skills and perfect set of employees… Still feeling powerless? Unable to woo customers?? Deck out! Time to give an essential touch-up to your…

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