Cheapest Domain Registration Services

Cheapest Domain Registration Services

There are lots of cheapest domain registration companies for you to register the domain name for your business site, but here’s what makes AGM different:

If you’re a newbie with the domain registration services, this post is going to become your new Bible.

Not only am I going to provide you the basics of domain registration, but we’ll also dive into some real examples from professional web developers who are availing huge benefits from the cheap domain registration services.

In other words…

Want to make some big money on the side without doing much?

I got you covered.

Or maybe you’re wondering how you can make money with the domain registration in Nepal and conduct good web business?

You’ll find this useful too.

Let’s jump in.

While you may be looking for the cheapest domain name services, sometimes the cheapest isn’t always the best. On the flip side, there are still many reputable hosting companies offering low-cost or even free domain names for promotions purposes for new customers in the market when you host your website with them.

So, before making a decision, my kind recommendation will try to review at least the top 10 of the most budget-friendly and reputable web hosting companies where you can register a domain name and get hosting account.

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Your brand makes a greater impact with an eye-catching domain name and you can’t go wrong with cheap domain names and reliable service available with AGM. Above all else, with my past several years experience with it’s hosting services and already lower domain prices, I can guarantee your business will thrive with the excellent support service and reliability.

Domain Registration Basics

Domain names are simply the name combined with the domain TLD to access your website through a web browser. The entire web address, i.e., is known as the URL (Short for ‘Uniform Resource Locator’).

Learn More About Domain Names and It’s Types here.

Domain names can vary in characters from a minimum of two characters long and no more than 63 characters maximum, excluding TLD (short for Top Level Domain). Further, the domain characters can include a combination of any letters, numbers or hyphens, however, the first and last character cannot be a hyphen. You can have several options with the TLDs and specific niche TLD such as .shop, .photo, etc. for your domain registration. Domain Names are assigned with the unique number known as IP address that is the actual web address computers use to connect to the website through the web and are directly linked to the domain name, which is regulated by ICANN(short for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Cheapest Domain Registration Pricing:

Here is the domain registrar that I use and why I use it skipping the upsells that I don’t need and get the features up correctly at much reasonable price.

Take a look at the comparison table for a quick idea of top .com domain registration companies in Nepal:

Wondering how I rank the top .com domain registration companies in Nepal? I’ve ranked these companies meeting following criterion.

  • Easy to Search Domain
  • Quick buying process
  • Easy configuration options
  • Instinctive dashboard for DNS Management
  • Quality customer service via different communication channels
  • Limited upsells avoiding publicity gimmicks
  • Strong reputation in the Market

Let’s go through professional web developers words –

I can’t wait to thank AGM for making the availability of domain registration and hosting at such an affordable price to host my website with remarkable quality service. Really appreciated their support! Kudos!

Also, another one further adds –

For me, AGM is one of the top-rated domain registration companies because of its remarkable domain registration prices. On top of that, their hosting services are just awesome. Blessed to enjoy their services with top-notch technical support. Thanks to the team!

This illustrates AGM as the slogan suggests cheap domain registration and web hosting company is probably the best domain name registrar for cheap domain name registration (at a reasonable cost) you have. Started back few years ago to serve in Nepal, AGM is already the leader in the domain registration in Nepal.

The Bottom Line of Cheap Domain Registration

Just opting the cheapest domain registration in Nepal is the hardest part if you’ve never done it before.

That’s what happened to me. Might happen to you too, now that you’ve learned the basics of cheap domain registration companies.

Yet, if you’re confused, better try comparing among all the strongly reputed companies and get started picking one with the cheap domain name registration provider for your business’s online name.

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