create cPanel in WHM

How to create cPanel account in WHM? AGM Web Hosting

WHM is a feature only available to Reseller Hosting, VPS Server and Dedicated Server Hosting users; whereas Shared Hosting users do not possess WHM access. The most frequent asked question…

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Set nameserver

How to set the NameServer of a Domain? Tech Guide

You have purchased a new hosting account with great features for your website. How do you set the name-server of a domain? In this article, let’s explore how you can…

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Simplicity of Management of Websites

Simplicity of Management of Websites? Expert’s Guide

How do you manage your website that resonate with potential users, stirring their attention and rousing their interests? That’s the goal we all share as web developers, right? What if…

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Cloud Hosting will be the future of Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting Will be the Future of Web Hosting?

Cloud Hosting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are several reasons responsible for it’s recent rise. You probably may wonder why it’s happening so and if this…

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Managed Hosting Plan Benefits

Benefits Managed Web Hosting Brings to your Business: Beginner’s Guide

Do you focus for hosting management too much? You might be probably wondered about how business will grow with the managed hosting plan? Right!? Isn’t it going to cost you…

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How to host the website

How to Host the Website? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Maybe you’re starting a new business, a new brand, or have an existing company or brand you’re trying to make it present online? Either way, you need a website and…

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Site Lock Security

What is Site Lock Security? And Is it that Essential for your Website?

Every website requires security. It’s what compels you to go with the things or tools that prevents your business website from several online threats, hackers and vulnerabilities. It’s what pushes…

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How to use cPanel Login? Step by Step Guide

So, you’ve got a great idea to set up your own website. You have a clear picture of how your website looks and which hosting solutions might best fits for…

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Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

Managed Hosting and Unmanaged Hosting Explained: User’s Guide

Often times, we might overlook the features that are crucial for the web host management considering cost factors alone and this way opting wrong plan could become costly in the…

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