The Best Hosting in Nepal – Detailed Pricing & Features

Best Hosting in Nepal

Finding the best hosting in Nepal isn’t that easy. As every site owner has different web hosting requirements, it becomes much more tedious. In addition, you need to look after all the features plan you’re offered with the plan in the best deal possible.

This can be a lot to sort through, especially if you’re a newbie to the web hosting world. 

Most hosts in Nepal offer very cheap introductory pricing for domain registration and web hosting services. While some provide free feature services such as free SSL, free Domain and free Backups. Likewise, others are better at offering high performance with high levels of security features. Best Hosting in Nepal is one of them that falls under the affordable, high performance and yet high-security features.

Below we dive deep into the insights on buy domain in nepal and web hosting plan pricing offered by best hosting in Nepal to meet your various requirements. 

Why Host with AGM Web Hosting?

AGM Web Hosting provides industry-standard quality web hosting in Nepal. They are one of the top leading hosting providers in Nepal providing the latest technologies server facilities with generous web space and bandwidth amount along with free domain registration for an annual subscription of reseller hosting plan. All these features Free SSL Certificate, Free Daily Backups, and excellent customer service stand out AGM of its kind in Nepal.

AGM Web Hosting vs Other Web Hosts in Nepal?

You will find myriads of web hosting providers online spreading across Nepal offering services mentioning publicity-seeking gimmicks such as unlimited bandwidth and web space unless you make the payment for their services. However, after making the payment majority of these web hosts provides sub-standard hosting services with frequent server down and slow page loading issues. In case if you’re going with the best hosting in Nepal, you’ll never get such issues as they provide competitive prices with much reliability and speedy customer support. So, if you are looking for the best hosting in Nepal equipped with the latest features into the plan and excellent customer service, then AGM Web Hosting might best fit you.

What about the Support/ticketing system? – You can connect to them directly via phone call, live chat, tickets, and email.

Billing System – You will have multiple payment options such as bank transfer, eSewa, and AGM Wallet.

Response Time to Sales Inquiries – They offer minimum time to resolution and instant support.

Server Location – Variety in Offers / Packages are some of the other areas which one should be looking at in your selection.

AGM Web Hosting is dedicated to offering the best services of its kind contributing to IT making Nepal digital.

How much does it cost for the domain registration and web hosting plan? 

The list of web hosting and domain registration plan offered by the AGM Web Hosting is being shared with exact information. Also, as the web hosting providers change their prices as per the market trends you can consider it as the reference offered by AGM Web Hosting. Far better if it coincides with their latest prices, please visit for more information.

Domain Pricing and Features in Nepal

The prices listed below will be applicable for any new domain name registrations, domain renewals, domain transfer to AGM from any other domain registrar. All Charges are exclusive of fees and taxes as per our policy. 

Pricing for every domain name depends on the TLD you opt for. The most common TLDs is .COM basically used for commercial purposes. Other TLDs are .EDU, .ORG, .GOV, .INFO, .NET, .BIZ, etc. And domain names are usually registered on an annual basis. Prices listed hereby are the yearly basis for per domain unless otherwise noted. Please note, you will get discount pricing as per AGM Policy for volume domain registrations.

buy domain in nepal

Kindly, check the full list of current domain pricing by TLDs that might help to save big on your next purchase.

.COMNPR 999NPR 1199NPR 999
.NETNPR 1320NPR 1599NPR 1599
.ASIANPR 399NPR 1439NPR 1439
.INFONPR 319NPR 1899NPR 1899
.BIZNPR 1499NPR 1999NPR 1999
.CONPR 1118NPR 2878NPR 2878
.ORGNPR 1277NPR 1899NPR 1899
.USNPR 319NPR 959NPR 959
.MOBINPR 1118NPR 1920NPR 1920
.CLUBNPR 479NPR 1599NPR 1599
.CRICKETNPR 7200NPR 7200NPR 7200
.UKNPR 639NPR 959NPR 959
.CNNPR 816NPR 1119NPR 1119
.EUNPR 879NPR 1119NPR 1119
.BZNPR 2079NPR 2239NPR 2239
.CCNPR 2079NPR 2239NPR 2239
.TVNPR 2879NPR 3199NPR 3199
.NAMENPR 1119NPR 1279NPR 1279
.UK.COMNPR 3199NPR 3999NPR 3999
.UK.NETNPR 6079NPR 4319NPR 4319
.MENPR 3359NPR 3359NPR 3359
.TELNPR 1759NPR 1759NPR 1759
.NZNPR 1279NPR 1439NPR 1439
.CANPR 1439NPR 1759NPR 1759
.DENPR 799NPR 959NPR 959
.AUDIONPR 1279NPR 1599NPR 1599
.BUZZNPR 3839NPR 3999NPR 3999
.SCNPR 10560NPR 10560NPR 10560
.WIKINPR 2719NPR 2719NPR 2719
.HOSTNPR 319NPR 11199NPR 11199
.TOPNPR 112NPR 1199NPR 1199
.PWNPR 112NPR 959NPR 959
.CO.UKNPR 959NPR 1119NPR 1119
.IN.NETNPR 21NPR 1119NPR 1119
.COM.AUNPR 1599NPR 2079NPR 2079
.ONLINENPR 999NPR 4799NPR 4799
.PRONPR 479NPR 2089NPR 2089

Click here to view Domain Pricing in more detail.

Best Hosting in Nepal: Where do I find low-cost hosting providers in Nepal? 

Obviously, everybody wants to save big and avail the services too at the same time. Cost, however, shouldn’t be the only one deciding factor, as all of the others above. You can compare the cost of various hosting plan offered with AGM Web Hosting below:

web hosting in nepal
S.N.Packages PlanWeb SpaceBandwidth PlanPeriodPrices(NPR)
1.COM Domain1 Year999
2Startup Plan500 MB5 GB1 Year699
3Single Domain Hosting3 GB30 GB1 Year1399
4Multi-Domain Hosting5 GB50 GB1 Year11988
5Reseller Hosting25 GB200 GB1 Month899
6Cloud HostingUnmeteredUnmetered1 Month1282
7Linux VPS Server20 GB1 TB1 Month1299
8Windows VPS Server60 GB5 TB1 Month9600
9Dedicated Server1 TB10 TB1 Month14400


  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free R1Soft Daily Backups
  • Web File Manager
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Account Control Panel(cPanel)
  • Log Files 

What does Unlimited Web Space and Bandwidth Actually Mean?

Most business site owners rush after unlimited disk space and per month bandwidth, which is catchy at first glance and you might believe you found the best deal all around the globe. But, did you really get that much space and bandwidth in real?

Probably no!

Unlimited disk space ideally means you can upload and backup any amount of web files on the server without restricting the resources you may employ while transferring files to the server with approximately 100% server uptime; and also unlimited bandwidth means any amount of data transfer is allowed in the given period of time. 

However, in actual so-called unlimited hosting provider sets the limit on the number of bandwidth, web space you employ. In the normal operation of your website, if your site doesn’t exceed the resources maintaining the stability of the host server, performance, server uptime, then every host provides the same feature. So, it is a wise idea not to rush after ‘Unlimited’ terminology only. With best hosting in Nepal you’re always in the safer hands. Do some research and decide wisely!

Key TakeAways

Just because a web host is cheap, that doesn’t mean it’s low-quality. In fact, AGM Web Hosting in Nepal is the exception of offering a high-quality hosting service that supports your site with everything you need. Almost every website on the internet today is hosted using a shared hosting plan, a high volume of that using the hosting plans highlighted above.

Always remember, there is no best hosting in Nepal, but merely the best web host for your needs. Having said that you will have high performance, higher security levels, great server uptime, and other value-added features on a budget that suits your needs.

Usually, it’s a good idea to start with the startup shared hosting and upgrade later as your site grows. Before you opt for low-cost web hosting, you’ve calculated your requirements first.  the best low-cost web hosting for you, you’ll need to take stock of your needs first. Remember, the best host is the one that suits your needs the best.

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