A Quick and Easy Approach to Understand All About Bulk SMS Messaging

For years, I didn’t know how I was ever going to promote my products, services and how I could notify the customers about the information that I wished to provide them. I’m completely diffident and, unfortunately, have a complexion that tends to redden easily just like red tomato. The idea of informing someone about the business services, products and promoting them via text messaging channel literally lowered my heart racing. The idea of informing people about sales approaching in front of a small group of people and talking with them implementing the same traditional marketing approach is my worst nightmare. And don’t even let me started on going to seminars and the like. Oh, the terror.

Informing about the products and services requires communication medium integrated with the digital channel. Luckily, we are in the digital era, the savior of diffident business owner world-over. There are plenty of ways for them to promote their services and their brand using this handy tool! Wondering how to promote services in the rapid manner than ever before, even if you’re an diffident business person and have no interest in approaching anywhere to inform the same. Look no further.

Bulk SMS Messaging

What is the convenient way to approach many people? For those people who are willing to keep a competitive edge over their competitors, invite more entries and maintain advantage within the industry, its better going with the Bulk SMS Messaging to promote your sales and to inform your clients the information that wish to provide them.

Bulk Text Messaging

Bulk messaging is an excellent platform to arrange entertaining mobile marketing campaigns that not only help you raise additional income but also insist people remember your brand and stick to it.

Bulk text messaging, in this mobile phones ruling digital world, is exceptionally useful and compelling online marketing channel that is inseparable piece of any advertising technique and methods that has a tendency to make genuine progress in today’s digital world.

Types of Bulk SMS

The most popular two types of Bulk Text Messaging are discussed below:

  1. Promotional Bulk SMS
  2. Transactional Bulk SMS
  • Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS are those messages, which are generally used to promote the business products and services by the business owner. These types of SMS services are generally preferred by Banks, Hospitals, Schools, colleges, training and coaching institutions etc.

Promotional Bulk SMS

Features of Promotional Bulk SMS

  • Lifetime Validity
  • Instant Activation
  • Secure API
  • Quick SMS Delivery
  • Easy Recharge
  • Deliver messages to large numbers at one go
  • User friendly Cpanel
  • 2,500 – 50,00,000 Promotional SMS plan for different price range is provided
  • Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional SMS are those messages, which are generally delivered to the customers to pass on  useful information for using your products or services. These types of Bulk SMS is generally preferred to give alert and emergency messages by banks, hospitals, institutions as well to their respective customers.

Transactional Bulk SMS

Features of Transactional Bulk SMS

  • Lifetime Validity
  • Instant Activation
  • Secure API integration
  • Quick SMS Delivery
  • Easy Recharge
  • Deliver messages to large numbers at one go
  • User friendly Cpanel
  • 2,500 – 50,00,000 Transactional SMS plan for different price range is provided

How you can utilize Bulk Text Messaging to Grow your Business?

Here are some instances to show you how bulk SMS delivery can add value to your interaction with customers and grow your business even better than which you had thought before.

  • Send Reminders

Nowadays’s customers are very busy and always on the move. This demands the necessity of rapid and reliable source of information from businesses and services with which they interact. Delivering instant reminders can impact positively engendering nice perception towards your company and this is really news good for you.

  • Boosts Sales

Bulk Text Messaging also helps in marketing new products and services directly through text SMS and boosting it. This also provides particular information regarding sales of the product and ensures better sales growth.

  • Keep customers up-to-date

It also aids to hold your loyal customers in the loop and helps to make them feel valuable as well.

  • Send Alerts or Notifications regarding issues Your Customers should be aware of

Yeah, despite of being the great and reliable service provider, it is likely that your customer might prone to get some issues regarding the services they are provided with. It directly impacts the clients and might be tempted to feel yuck! with the service. In such cases, you can immediately notify them to avoid possible inconveniences. People will appreciate such information since they are helpful and reliable and thus prevent misunderstandings.


Now, I suppose you understood what Bulk Text Messaging is. Also Bulk Messaging is not just a service which is confined to the single business. This text messaging marketing approach can be used by companies of all sizes. If you haven’t tried this marketing technique with your clients yet, it is possible that you are in huge loss. You might also be lacking so many potential customers, who are genuinely seeking for your products and services. Thus, in order to ensure effectiveness and easiness this tools provides you, you must have to taste the mass text messaging service.

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