Why AGM Web Hosting Should be Your Next Hosting Provider Pick?

Why AGM Web Hosting Should be your Next Pick

“Why do you want to buy domain and hosting from AGM Web Hosting company?”

It’s a common question we’ve all faced, as a business owner tries to gauge how dedicated and reliable service the company offers to their business. But it’s a question that requires some serious thought, beyond giving the owner the answer they would like to hear.

With the hundreds of web hosting providers out there, it can really be an uphill task choosing the best(or the right one) web hosting in Nepal. And you need only the best, nothing short of it because if you don’t have the right kind of web hosting going on for you, running an online business can give you migraines.

What exactly sets a particular hosting provider apart as a place we would like to run the online businesses with?

This year, AGM Web Hosting topped Alexa’s list of the 10 best web companies to host in Nepal for the first time in a decade. Not every web hosting company has a celebrity profile or Facebook/Google resources, but there are some valuable lessons to learn about what they do well. Equally, with the higher transition in between hosting companies, it’s important to look at what most hosting companies might be getting wrong. So let’s examine six key areas to watch when it comes to opting for the right hosting company to ensure the success of your online business:


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Server Reliability/Uptime Guarantee:

Suffice to say, staying online is very crucial for your website today and in order to do that, you need to look at the stability your web host provides you. AGM Web Hosting only offers premium hosting accounts serving better server stability and managing approx.99.99% Uptimes or even better ensuring your site is running all the time.

Research the renewal price

If you’re a beginner, here’s a quick tip:

Always take a look at the reasonable renewal price of the domain or web hosting service provider. For example, if the signup cost was NPR.100/month, then it shouldn’t go above NPR.200/month when you renew.

Customer Support

Running your business online? It could be tough when you don’t have good support at times, your site is down. But what if you could avail excellent customer support to monitor and make your website running all the time without hassles?


Before we get into this one, it’s worth taking a moment to rethink site performance once you buy hosting. A reputed hosting company offers more than what’s required with optimum site performance. It’s not just about the unlimited hosting and cheap price, genuine service providers do offer all the basic necessities for your website. There are plenty of ways to keep on top of a site’s performance, whether it’s buying from a well-known hosting provider or just following them how good they respond to the situations.

But again, there’s a deeper consideration here. It’s not just about their so-called companies reputation on the market and the number of years they’ve spent on the businesses – top-performing web hosting companies tend to be those at the forefront of everything marketing, including how they can provide benefits to their valued customers and have multi communication channel, quick respond owning the customers’ problems.

AGM Web Hosting: Conclusion

Before you accept a new hosting provider, do some research on the market leaders. Ask yourself if they are the company you would choose to conduct if you’ve some issues. If you don’t trust their services seeking reviews, it’d be wise to look for hosting elsewhere.

Just keep the following factors in mind before choosing a web hosting in Nepal:

  • Your website requirements and budget
  • Site’s uptime scores/server reliability
  • Their customer support
  • The signup and renewal pricing
  • Server speed, Performance, and responsiveness

While there are many more points to consider before opting web hosting provider, the ones mentioned here should help you greatly in making a good decision to get started with your online business. Also, don’t forget to try AGM Web Hosting once…

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