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Where can I find a guide on what to do first?

The very first step is to change your domains dns to the name servers you received in your welcome email. If you need help making dns changes please read Changing DNS. If you wish to use private name servers you must read Private Name Server Setup.

Note: If you purchased your domain from us we will handle the dns changes including your private name servers setup.

After your dns changes have been made please allow 24-48 for your dns to propagate worldwide. During this initial 24-48 hours your site will be working one minute then be offline the next. If after two days your site is still not working contact us ASAP.

1. Login at http://the-ip-listedin-your-welcome-email/whm
2. You must setup a hosting package by selecting "Add Packages." We recommend you pick the skin "x" for your packages.
3. After a package has been setup click "create a new account" and fill in the information you wish the account to have. When creating a site select the auto assign IP and fill in the site name as without the http or www.
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