Google analystics vs AWStats

There are two main technological approaches to collecting web analytics data. The first method, logfile analysis (used by AwStats), reads the logfiles in which the web server records all its transactions. The second method, page tagging (Google Analytics), uses JavaScript on each page to notify a third-party server when a page is rendered by a web browser. the differences you see between the two solutions is due to two main factors:

-file caching: if a returning visitor has file caching enabled on his web browser (usually it is the case) the request for the file he already viewed will not be sent to the web server, and he will view a local copy, so awstat will not detect multiple visits some times.

-Page tagging relies on the client (visitor) browser voluntarily providing the analytical information requested.

The main differences between AWstats log file analysis and Google Analytics

  1. The data is inevitably different, caused by the different tracking methods used. Because AWstats tracks website stats from the web server, it picks up server calls from search engine crawlers and that in itself makes a huge difference in your stats (depending on the size and popularity of your site). In this day and age, crawl statistics are of very limited value – this should not be a reason not to go for Google Analytics as to most, 9/10 times this info is insignificant
  2. AWstats is meant for network administrators and engineers, whilst Google Analytics is made for business owners, marketers and analysts – business focused. A lot of the stats that AWstats provides are purely meant to inform about website functionality and finding out more about the technologies used by the site’s visitors. Google Analytics is a platform that allows you to discover the why’s (or usually why not’s) and how’s of the interaction of website visitors with your site.


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