How to Connect to the MySQL Database Remotely

How to Connect to the MySQL Database Remotely

Note: If connecting from your home computer, you need a MySQL client like Navicat, phpMyAdmin, or Dreamweaver.

Configuration Settings:

Host name = (use the server IP address)
Database name = (cpanelUsername_databaseName)
Database username = (cpanelUsername_databaseUsername)
Database password = (whatever you picked)
MySQL Connection Port = 3306
TCP or UDP, either is fine.
Before you can connect:
Many of our servers block port 3306 inbound, if you are getting a "Connection Refused" error when trying to connect please submit an email to requesting that we open port 3306 for your IP address to be able to connect to MySQL remotely.

Also, before you can connect to MySQL from another computer, you must enable your computer as an Access Host. It may sound confusing, but cPanel makes this very simple.

1. When using X3, login to cPanel and click the Remote MySQL icon, under Databases.
2. Type in the connecting IP address, and click the Add Host button.
3. All done, try connecting remotely.


1. When using X, login to cPanel and click the MySQL Databases icon, under Databases.
2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and type in the connecting IP address where it says "Host (%    wildcard is allowed):", and click the Add Host button.
3. All done, try connecting remotely.

Okay, you have a dynamic IP address. Therefore, every time you go online, or every once in awhile, your IP changes. You have a few options here. The most secure, would be to update your IP in Remote MySQL every time your IP changes. However, you do have other options available. You could simply enter % (a percentage sign) in the Add Access Hosts text field. This will allow any IP to remotely connect to your databases. Another option: Lets say the first two parts of your IP never change. Then, you could enter 93.138.%.% , where the first two parts are your actual IP address numbers.
I enabled remote access, now what?

You will need a third party application to access MySQL remotely. Some are free and some cost money.
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